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How to fly a drone: get a pilot certificate

Raptor Drone Pilots provides training courses for anyone wishing to use a drone for fun rather than for business, but if you are thinking that you might like to make money from your drone one day, this is a great introduction to what you need to know. Millions of drones are sold each year and a lot of new users make expensive mistakes that could be easily avoided if they had known some key facts.

Drones are more formally called UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) but have other names too, such as UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System) and RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System) and quadcopters.

The Drone Pilot course teaches you all this and more in a short and fun eLearning course that you can go through in your own time. Most people can complete it in less than an hour, and the self-testing quizzes let you check you’ve got all the key concepts. Once you get a passing mark of 75% you will be issued with an electronic Pilot Badge proving you have passed the theory content of the course and entered onto the approved list of Drone Pilots. You then have proof that you have taken reasonable steps to educate yourself in the proper procedures for flying a drone. Best of all, the course cost is no more than you’d pay for a good coffee! That’s a small piece of insurance when you think what a mistake could cost you! We recommend that you also take one more step and get a Raptor Instructor to take you through some practical skills that will get you flying safely and confidently; you can then earn a full certification showing that you have demonstrated both theoretical and practical competency with your drone. Contact us for more details.

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Some of the things you need to know when you start flying a drone:

  • How to avoid common ways of crashing your new drone
  • Where and how you are likely to lose your drone
  • Easy steps to take to build up your flying skills
  • How to use the controls
  • Sources of interference for your remote control of your drone
  • How weather can really spoil your day
  • The differences when operating a drone commercially
  • What laws exist that you have to be aware of (specific to those in the USA, UK or elsewhere)
  • If you will need to register your drone and how to do it
  • How to avoid situations that could put you at risk of being sued
  • What privacy rights you have to respect
  • How close you are allowed to fly to crowds, stadiums, public buildings and roads
  • The rules about flying in the vicinity of aircraft
  • Some important terms like RTH, FPV, UAV and what they mean
  • How to take stunning aerial photos and movie sequences
Learn to fly a drone