How Raptor Courses Work

Raptor Drone Pilots offer training internationally for recreational drone pilots. The Raptor courses are enjoyable, affordable, short and to the point, giving you the key information you know to fly your drone safely and within the law.


A drone (or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) can be an expensive investment, but it’s all too easy to crash or lose it on your first few flights unless you know some key information. More seriously, without realizing, you could do something that is illegal or dangerous for other people or even aircraft.


Attending a Raptor course is easy and consists of two parts, you can take just the first part or both:

  • The Online Course Module that shows you all you need to know with videos, interactive sections and simulations in less than an hour
  • The optional Practical Module when a Raptor Instructor will show you how the theory knowledge you’ve gained can be applied to your drone and take you through a series of progressive exercises


If you’ve completed both sections you’ll receive a certification card proving that you have mastered all the requirements of the course. This is your proof that you have been properly trained in the use of your UAV.


The most popular Raptor courses:

Drone Pilot
For anyone starting out flying drones. It tells you all you need to know about the controls, flying hazards, safety, the laws you need to follow and how to get the most from your drone’s camera




FPV Drone Racer When you want to get into this exciting sport, this course will get you started. It includes how to chose a racing drone, racing rules and etiquette, how racing drones work and are built and where to race