Practical Modules

These are hands-on courses conducted with a Raptor Airbase or Instructor, so you need to have made an arrangement with them before obtaining one of these; they will advise you how much they charge to provide the practical component of the training. You will always do the appropriate online course in addition to the practical component of any course.

When you do a full certification course with the online and practical components the costs may be combined by the Instructor providing the course or you may pay for these three components separately:

  1. The Online Course fee (paid here to Raptor Drone Pilots)
  2. The Practical Module registration fee (paid here to Raptor Drone Pilots)
  3. The tuition fee paid to your Instructor or Airbase

The most common way to pay for items 1 and 2 is by buying a Combo Course. This includes the Online Course and the Practical Module registration fee.

If you have already purchased or completed the Online Module of a course you just need to get the Practical Module for it. You can do so by clicking the button below.