Pilot Course Content

The Pilot course is an eLearning program delivered over the internet. It can be viewed with a smart phone or tablet but is most easily used with a computer. Some images from the course are shown here as examples, but many of these are interactive in the actual course, so they will react according to your inputs. This gives you an immediate and clear idea of what will happen with your drone.


The course consists of these six modules:

  • Types of Drones

    • types of drones
    • advantages and disadvantages of main types
    • advice on choosing a drone
    • section review quiz

best drone

  • Where to Fly a Drone

    • where you can fly
    • where you should not
    • what environments can damage your drone
    • what situations can cause you to lose your drone
    • weather limitations
    • section review quiz


  • UAV Controls and Features

    • typical layout of primary controls
    • virtual interactive demonstrations of what the controls do
    • mode one verses mode two
    • trim controls
    • monitoring options
    • section review quiz


  • Drone Photography and Video

    • key features of cameras
    • gimbal function
    • resolution and editing
    • techniques to get good results
    • privacy rules
    • section review quiz


  • Drone Safety and Regulations

    • key laws on drone use for USA, UK, and other countries
    • An introduction for what you need if you want a commercial licence
    • when and how to register a drone
    • rules for operating near airfields and aircraft
    • allowable approach distances for people, building, etc.
    • best practices
    • maximum ranges from drone to pilot
    • requirements for commercial drone operations
    • section review quiz


  • Practical Skills: How to Fly a Drone

    • hovering
    • manoeuvring
    • take-off and landing
    • maintaining control
    • flying with FPV
    • best sequencing of skills for quick mastery of your drone


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